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E-Books & Audiobooks

A guide for finding and using e-books and audiobooks from Forsyth Library and other places

Quick Guide to Using the Different Formats

There are many different formats that you will come across as you access e-books. Here are the explanations of some of the more popular ones.


ePUB (Electonic Publishing) - a free and open-source e-book publishing platform that is used by many vendors for e-books.


PDF (Portable Document Format) - a document exchange that was created by Adobe Systems. You must use a specialized reader, Acrobat, to read a file.


azw (Amazon) - a proprietary Kindle format. Can only be used on Kindle products.


Audiobooks are also available directly through mobile apps, on CD, and occasionally available via video.

audible audiobook format

MP3 is the name of the file extension and also the name of the type of file for MPEG.


audible audiobook format

Audiobook format, which is a variable-bitrate (allowing high quality) M4B file encrypted with DRM. AAX file format is created by Audible.

audible audiobook format

A version of audio file with proprietary Digital Rights Management (Fairplay DRM) developed by Apple for use in music downloaded from their iTunes Music Store.

Software and Apps for E-Readers

Software and Apps for Audiobooks

Android and IOS devices