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Library Guide for Faculty in China

Accessing Forsyth Library Resources

International Access to Forsyth Library Resources

The majority of the library's website, databases, and search tools are available to you in China. You may experience some slower loading times when accessing the library's databases and resources. If there is a resource that you are unable to access, please let us know by sending an email to and submit the details to our reporting form.

FHSU VPN Connection

A VPN connection will provide the best access to Forsyth Library's resources. Follow the instructions for connecting to the FHSU VPN in order to improve your access.

Searching the Library Catalog

Go directly to to bypass the library homepage and search our catalog. You can also share this link with your students. If your students find an item they cannot access, have them contact us using the form on our Chinese/English library guide and we will email it to them directly.

International Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

Some Interlibrary Loan services are still available to you while teaching abroad as many materials can be electronically delivered. You can also contact your liaison who can help in finding documents and sending copies to you as appropriate. 

Troubleshooting Library Resource Access

Troubleshooting Library Resource Access

Forsyth Library Databases are for use by faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students. Please consult our electronic resources policy for details. If you are having issues accessing the electronic resources at Forsyth Library, review the trouble shooting tips below and/or Ask a Librarian.

  1. FHSU Affiliation
    • ​If you are an active student, staff, or faculty member, you do not need to download anything, register, or pay to use Forsyth Library Database Content. 
  2. TigerNetID
    • ​​If this is your first semester at FHSU, you may still need to activate your Tigernet ID.
    • If your TigerNetID has not been activated, your password will have 8 numbers followed by the first three letters of your birth month.
    • Allow approximately four hours for your password to be activated.
  3. Click Path
    • ​​Make sure you are accessing the database from the Forsyth Library A-Z Database list, or from a link in our Catalog, rather than going directly to the database website
      • (i.e. Don't just type in "" into your url bar).
    • If at all possible, go to the library website and login instead of starting with TigerTracks.
  4. Web Browsers
    • If you are off-campus, after you click on the database you want to use, it should redirect you to input your TigerNet ID and password, just like if you were logging into Blackboard. 
    • If it does not prompt you with this step, try deleting the cookies and cache from your browser history.
      • Sometimes saved data in the cache can interfere with the authentication process.
      • Here are instructions for deleting the cache in Firefox and Chrome.
    • If you don’t feel comfortable with this step, try just using a different browser.
      • For example, if you have been using Google Chrome, try switching to FireFox or Safari.
  5. Wifi
    • ​​Make sure that there isn't a firewall or other security measure preventing authentication. This is common when using:
      • a workplace wifi network
      • a public wifi network
      • wifi at public schools
    • If you are in one of these locations, try again from a different wifi network, preferably at home, after clearing your cache.

If you are still experiencing issues, please send an email to or Ask a Librarian.

It is helpful if you submit the issue to our China resource issue reporting form so we have a record of what the issue looks like from your end, but please also contact us directly for a quick response.