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Library Guide for Faculty in China

Blackboard Bilingual Building Blocks

Forsyth Library created several videos/handouts/games in English and Mandarin Chinese to help students navigate the research process and library resources. You can download these items from this guide and upload them into your Blackboard shell, mixing, matching, and adding them to wherever they fit in your lesson plans. 

To upload the materials, you can follow the instructions here

Upload as Links

VidGrid Videos:

Interactive Tutorials:

Research Guides:

Upload as Files

Subject and Course Guides

Custom Subject and Course Guides

Forsyth Librarians can create custom Subject and Course Guides to provide research help for your international classes. This is a great way to incorporate research help from librarians and to embed selected databases, resources, and tutorials into one landing page for your students. Contact your library liaison to discuss options and get started.

Bilingual Research Guide

Forsyth Library provides a bilingual research guide that will help your students in China become familiar with the library and library research. Faculty are encouraged to embed this research guide as a website link into Blackboard to make it easily accessible to your students in China.

Tutorials Research Guide

Use the link below to explore the various video and interactive tutorials about Forsyth Library and how to find, evaluate, and use library resources. The video tutorials are hosted on VidGrid to easily integrate into your Blackboard course and to use in China: