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Chinese/English Library Guide / 双语图书馆指南

Bilingual research guide about how to search the library, cite sources, and avoid plagiarism with Chinese translations.

这是什么? / What is This?

本指南通过为您提供不同的资源搜索方式、说明如何进行有效的搜索以及如何引用资源并将其纳入您的写作,从而帮助您撰写论文。 为了您的便利,本指南中介绍的大部分材料都是中英文双语的。

在中国,使用 FHSU的图书馆搜索高质量的资源有两种主要的方法:

  1. 搜索图书馆目录。
  2. 在图书馆数据库中搜索。



This library guide will help with your research paper by providing you with different ways to search for sources, instructions on how to search effectively, and resources on how to cite sources and incorporate them into your writing. For your convenience, much of the material presented on this guide is bilingual, in English and Chinese. 

While in China, there are two primary ways to search for quality sources using FHSU's library:

  1. Search the library catalog
  2. Search in a library database.

In both types of searches, you will want to search using keywords, or single search terms, instead of sentences.

To learn more about keywords and searching, consult the "How to Search Page." 

1.搜索目录 / 1. Search the Catalog


或使用此链接: Forsyth Library catalog



The catalog allows you to search most of the materials owned by the library, including articles, books, ebooks, journals, e-journals, e-audio and e-video, digital images, government documents, microfilms, and movies. 

Or use this link: Forsyth library catalog

Ask for Help

If you are having trouble accessing the article, use the contact form below. Include the title and author. A librarian will send you an email with the PDF of the article. 

2.搜索数据库 / 2. Search the Database

数据库是大型的电子信息源集合,包含学术期刊、报纸和杂志、电子书、视频等。Forsyth图书馆数据库可以在任何地方使用,但只能由授权用户(FHSU 教职员工、学生、工作人员)使用。

如果您是新学生,您可能需要激活您的TigerNetID。如果您的TigerNetID尚未激活,您的密码将包含 8 个数字,后跟您出生月份前三个字母。在:激活您的TigerNetID。等待大约四个小时将会激活您的密码。




Databases are large, electronic collections of information sources like academic journals, newspapers and magazines, ebooks, videos, and more. Forsyth Library databases can be used anywhere, but only by authorized users (FHSU faculty, students, staff). When accessing one of the Forsyth Library databases, you will need to enter your TigerNet ID username and password  to log in.  

If you are a new student, you may need to activate your TigerNetID. If your TigerNetID has not been activated, your password will have 8 numbers followed by the first three letters of your birth month. Activate your TigerNetID at: Allow approximately four hours for your password to be activated. 

Two Databases you can consider searching are: 

  • Academic Search Premier (link) 
    A multi-disciplinary database that provides full text for more than 4,600 journals, including approximately 3,900 peer-reviewed titles. Useful for nearly any research topic. 

  • ProQuest Databases (link) 
    Search any of the available ProQuest databases, alone or in combination. 

Ask for Help

If you are having trouble accessing the article, use the contact form below. Include the title and author. A librarian will send you an email with the PDF of the article.

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