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Chinese/English Library Guide / 双语图书馆指南

Bi-Lingual research guide about how to search the library, cite sources, and avoid plagiarism with Chinese translations.

如何搜索 / How to Search





Keywords are words or phrases that encapsulate the ideas of your topic. All library searches use keywords instead of sentences. 

For example: If you were researching the effectiveness of using social media for market branding, your keywords would be SOCIAL MEDIA and BRANDING.   

By using these keywords, all of the resources you found would mention social media and branding somewhere in the article.


作者可能使用各种术语来描述同一件事。例如,作者可能使用单词car进行讨论,另一个作者可能使用短语motor vehicle,而其他的作者可能使用单词automobile。然而,他们都在谈论同一件事。此外,在讨论劳动力多样性时,作者可能会谈论社会经济地位,种族,族,性别或教育背景。但是,计算机只会搜索您输入的术语。


An essential step in searching is finding synonyms and related terms for your keywords. A synonym is a word with the same or nearly the same meaning as another word. At the same time, a related term will help you find articles related to your topic, but from a different perspective. 

Authors may use a variety of terms to describe the same thing. For instance, one may refer to a car, another to a motor vehicle, and yet another to an automobile. Yet they are all talking about the same thing. Additionally, when discussing diversity in the workforce, authors might talk about socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, gender, or educational background. However, Computers will only search for the term you enter. 

Before you start searching, try thinking of some synonyms and related terms. 

这里有些例子 / Here are some examples:

Table of keywords and corresponding synonyms and related terms
您的关键字 / Your Keyword 同义词 / Synonym(s) 相关术语 / Related Terms
work job, career employment, labor
woman girl, female, women Feminism, "gender identity"
diversity variety, difference ethnicity, race, "socioeconomic background"
"social media" Facebook, Twitter, WeChat "online community", "personal data"

如果您在查找优质的英语同义词时遇到问题,请尝试: : 世界上最大的和最值得信赖的免费在线同义词库。/ The world's largest and most trusted free online thesaurus. 

If you are having trouble finding related terms, consult your textbook or ask your professor. 


布尔运算符更改关键字在搜索中彼此交互的方式。您最常使用的两个布尔运算符是单词 AND 和 OR。

使用 AND

在搜索中使用 AND 查找包含所有术语的文章。这允许您缩小结果范围。

使用 OR

在搜索中使用 OR 连接两个或多个类似的概念(同义词),并扩大您的搜索结果。

When you are searching for multiple sets of keywords, use Boolean Operators. Most professional researchers use Boolean operators. 

Boolean operators change how your keywords interact with each other in a search. The two Boolean operators you will use most often are the words AND and OR

Using AND 

Use AND in a search to find articles that include all of your terms. This allows you to narrow your results. 

Using OR 

Use OR in a search to connect two or more similar concepts (synonyms), and broaden your results.   

Boolean AND vendiagram Boolean OR vendiagram


在FHSU 最常见的限制器是全文同行评审

  • 全文将使您的搜索结果限制在图书馆可以立即访问的文章


Limiters act like the filters on the left side of the page in a Baidu Scholar search. When you have thousands of search results, selecting various limiters allows you to filter your returns to something more manageable. Some filters include publication date, subject, resource type, and many other criteria.   

The most common limiters at FHSU are Full-Text and Peer-Review.  

  • Full-text will limit your returns to articles that the library can immediately access.  

  • Peer-review will limit your returns to scholarly articles written by experts and published in peer-review journals. When your professor tells you to find a "scholarly article," they usually want you to find an article that is Peer-Reviewed.

什么是学术文章?/ What is a Scholarly Article?

A scholarly article is an article written by a scholar or professional in the field with advanced degrees. Often, these articles report research results and are published in peer-review journals. They are generally reliable sources of information. In appearance, they tend to look serious, contain professional jargon, and include graphs and charts.

学术文章是指具有该领域高级学位的学者或专业人士撰写的文章。 通常,这些文章报告研究结果,并发表在同行评审期刊上。它们通常是可靠的信息来源,从外观上看,它们趋于严肃,包含专业术语,并包含图形和图表。

图书馆词汇 / Library Vocabulary

This glossary is a list of words that you may hear in the library or see on our website.


 English  Chinese  Definition
 Abstract  提要  A paragraph that tells you briefly what an article will talk about
 Archives  档案  A place that stores resources such as documents, files, or objects
 Article   文章  A piece of non-fiction text that is published in a periodical
 Attachment  附件  A computer file linked to an email message
 Author  作者  The creator of an information resource
 Bibliography  书目  A list of information resources used to write a research paper
 Boolean Searching  布尔搜索

 A way to connect keywords when searching for information.

 Use AND to reduce your search results (e.g. leadership AND teamwork).

 Use OR to increase your search results (e.g. leadership OR management).

 Use NOT to find better related results (e.g. soccer NOT football).

 Call number  索书号  A code that labels a resource to make it easier to find
 Catalog  目录  A searchable list of items in the library collection.
 Check-out  借出  To take out or borrow a resource from the library
 Citation  引文

 A reference which lists the bibliographic details of the material paraphrased or quoted in your research.

 The reference provides information such as title, author, journal title, volume, issue, publisher and date of publication so as to identify

 the specific resource used.

 Course reserve  课程指定教材  Resources your teacher puts in the library or you to access temporarily
 Database  数据库  Large, electronic collections of information sources like academic journals, newspapers and magazines, ebooks, videos, and more
 eBook (or Electronic book)  电子书  A book in digital or electronic form
 Editor  编者  The person who reviews and checks the content of a resource before it's published. The editor checks the information for quality and accuracy.
 Encyclopedia  百科全书  A reference tool containing brief articles on a variety of topics
 Hyperlink  超级连接  A website address that you click on to go to that website
 Index  索引  (1) Similar to a database, a printed or electronic publication made up of citations to periodical articles or books by subject and/or author. Periodical indexes may include abstracts that summarize the material that is listed. See also bibliography. (2) A list of names or topics usually found at the end of a publication, directing you to the page where the names and topics are discussed.
 Interlibrary services/loan  馆际互借   A system of borrowing resources from other libraries
 Journal  期刊  A periodical that gives you information from research or a study in a particular field
 Keyword search  To use a specific term to conduct a search in a database on the web
 Link  链接  A word, phrase or picture that connects you to another web site or page when you click on it
 Magazine  杂志  A popular interest periodical containing articles on many different topics; not scholarly
 Newspaper  报纸  A regularly published printed daily or weekly; not scholarly
 Paraphrase  意译  To write the information in your own words
 PDF  PDF 便携文档
 Portable document format; the full-text of an article is often this type of digital file
 Peer-reviewed  同级评审的  A scholarly article that was evaluated when submitted for publication in a journal
 Periodical  连续出版物  Publications such as journals, magazines, and newspapers
 Permalink  固定链接  A consistent link to an item record
 Plagiarism  抄袭  When the work and ideas of another writer are used or copied as if it were your own; stealing
 Primary source  原始资料  1. An original, firsthand document or record. 2. A document outlining original research, such as an experiment, survey, or case study. 
 Reference materials  参考咨询  Resources that have a lot of information, like an encyclopedia, and cannot be borrowed
 Renewal  续借  To get more time borrowing a book from the library from its original due date
 Resource  资源  Books, periodicals, files, and other materials found in a library
 Scholarly journal  学术的  A journal that publishes academic research and reports on studies conducted
 Secondary sources  第二手资料  A document or recording that relates or discusses information originally presented elsewhere
 Style manual  标准手册  A guide to a set of rules for writing a research paper
 Title  书名  The name given to a book or article

 Uniform resource locator


 统一资源定位器  The location or address of an online resource
 User ID  用户名  The code you use to log in

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Academic Research: A Guide for International Students. Houghton, Vivienne & Hornreich, Dina. University of Denver Library. Denver, CO.

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