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HHP 815: Research in Health and Human Performance (Washburn & Kriley)

Created for students enrolled in HHP815, this guide provides suggested resources, research tips, writing a literature review, citation management, APA citations, and more.


Zotero Citation Management Software

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Software called citation managers can help you save, organize, and share research and citations.

A citation manager allows you to:

  • Import and export files
  • Import citation information like author, date, format, and title
  • Organize personal research libraries
  • Share resources with classmates and colleagues

Once you import a citation, you can:

  • Link to the original article
  • Save and take notes on resources, including annotating PDFs
  • Organize your sources using tags or folders
  • Create citations and bibliographies automatically

There are several brands of citation managers like Mendeley, EndNote, and RefWorks. Forsyth Library supports the free, open-source, citation manager called Zotero

Getting Started with Zotero

Getting Started

Step 1: Install Zotero

You will need to download and install 2 pieces for Zotero to work correctly. Use the link above to download the following:

  • Zotero Standalone software application (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Zotero Connector for your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge)
  • (Optional)
    • Microsoft Word Plugin should be downloaded and installed automatically, but you can install it manually if necessary.
    • ZotFile is a free plugin that allows you to rename .pdf's saved through Zotero using the information in your citation. This allows you to keep better track of your downloaded files.
    • Zotero Bookmarklet allows you to save items to your Zotero library from a mobile device or a desktop browser that does not have Zotero Connector installed.
    • Other plugins are available to add more features and functionality since Zotero is open source

Step 2: Create a Zotero Account

Create a Zotero account in order to sync your Zotero library between multiple computers

Step 3: Use Zotero

View the video links and instructions below to familiarize yourself with Zotero and its features