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FHSU Scholars Repository

Find information on how to submit to the FHSU Scholars Repository.

Submitting Your Work to the FHSU Scholars Repository

There are two methods for submitting work to the FHSU Scholars Repository: CV analysis and individual work submission. The CV analysis process identifies multiple works within a faculty CV that are eligible for deposit, while the individual work submission process allows faculty to choose individual works to submit on their own.

Analyze my CV

  1. Complete and submit the CV Analysis Request form.
  2. Scholar Services will analyze your CV for eligible works.
  3. You will be contacted with the findings and eligible works will be deposited into the FHSU Scholars Repository.
  4. You may be asked to provide copies of the pre-print article in order to comply with publisher restrictions.

Submit a Work

  1. Complete and submit the Deposit Request form.
  2. Scholar Services will analyze the submission for eligibility.
  3. You will be contacted with the decision.
  4. You may be asked to provide copies of the pre-print article or for other permissions depending on publisher restrictions.

Submit Research Data

Some grants require that you make available your research data. The FHSU Schoalrs Repository can help you meet this requirement by providing a permanent home for your data, digital preservation services, and provide you with a DOI for your data. 

  1. Complete and submit the Deposit Request form. Be sure that your abstract covers the scope of the data, collection methodology, and any usage restrictions.
  2. Scholar Services will analyze the submission for completeness and contact you with any questions.
  3. You will be contacted once the data is available in the repository.

Update an Existing Work

  1. Complete and submit the Submission Update form.
  2. Only include the information that needs to be updated.
  3. You will be notified once the update is complete.

FHSU Scholars Repository Author Agreements

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a work be removed from the FHSU Scholars Repository?

A: No. The FHSU Scholars Repository is designed to be a permanent home for scholarly works created by FHSU faculty. The only exception to this policy is if the deposited work is found to be in violation of the author agreement or if a publisher issues a formal takedown notice for copyright infringement.

Q: Can I deposit works I created at other institutions?

A: Yes. However, if the work already exists in another institutional repository hosted by Digital Commons, the Scholars Repository will not duplicate that work.

Q: What happens to my works if I leave FHSU?

A: Your work will stay in the FHSU Scholars Repository but you are free to continue sharing it.

Q: Where do I find information on SelectedWorks?

A: You can access the SelectedWorks guide through the left-hand navigation pane or by clicking this link.

Who is eligible to submit to the FHSU Scholars Repository?

Any currently active FHSU Faculty member can submit their scholarly works to the FHSU Scholars Repository.

What can be deposited?

Any scholarly publication where the faculty member is an author and where the publisher permits archiving in an institutional repository. This can include:

  • Peer reviewed articles
  • Published scholarly works like:
    • Case studies and field studies
    • Conference posters and presentations
    • Textbooks and textbook chapters
    • Books and book chapters
  • Monographs
  • Open Educational Resources (OERs)

How does the FHSU Scholars Repository determine which works are eligible for deposit?

When you submit your CV to FHSU Scholar Services we go through a standardized process to identify eligible works:

  1. Works on your CV are located in their final published form.
  2. Publications are analyzed to determine the author's rights.
  3. Any publications that have been published under a Creative Commons License or in an Open Access publication are automatically deposited into the Repository.
  4. Works published in journals with more traditional policies are vetted to determine which version the publisher allows to be deposited.
    1. You will be contacted if you need to submit pre- or post-print versions of the article.
    2. Where possible, the final publisher version will be used.
  5. If a work cannot be deposited without express publisher permission, you will be notified, and you will have the opportunity to work with FHSU Scholar Services to obtain permission.

What is a pre-print?

Scholarly works go through a number of stages during the publication process. Every publisher has different requirements as to what can be posted to an institutional repository and when. More often than not, publishers do not allow posting of the final version. They will however allow earlier versions, depending on the circumstances. Some terms to know include:

Pre-Print: This is the original version of the article before it goes through the peer-review process. This is the most common version that is allowed to be posted in an institutional repository. If your publisher allows it, we will contact you for this version so that we can post it.

Accepted Version: This is the version of the article that has been revised as part of the peer-review process but before it has undergone final publisher formatting for publication.

Publisher's Version: This is the final published version of the article as it appears in the publication.

How do I find out more about the publishing process?

The following links can help authors who wish to publish their works in an open environment.

Hover your mouse over the undefined for a description of the resource.

Share Your Scholarly News!

Faculty who have recently published a scholarly article or book, or showcased creative works can submit the Scholarly News Form to be recognized for your exciting accomplishment. Your news will be shared on social media, featured in the Scholarship Spotlight slideshow in the library and online, and recognized in an annual press release and event celebrating faculty scholarship.