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FHSU Scholars Repository

Find information on how to submit to the FHSU Scholars Repository.

What is SelectedWorks?

SelectedWorks is a platform used to build a professional profile where others can easily discover your teaching and research interests, communicate with you, or follow your work more closely.  Faculty and staff are provided free access to SelectedWorks as a part of Forsyth Library's Faculty Services in conjunction with the FHSU Scholars Repository. You can view FHSU SelectedWorks profiles in the FHSU SelectedWorks Author Gallery.

Why use SelectedWorks?

SelectedWorks is a service provided by Forsyth Library as a way to showcase the scholarship of FHSU faculty and staff and help them maximize readership and measure the impact of their scholarly works.

Who is eligible for a SelectedWorks Profile?

Any currently serving FHSU Faculty or Staff member is eligible to create a SelectedWorks profile featured in the FHSU SelectedWorks Author Gallery.

How do I create a SelectedWorks profile?

Quick Guide

STEP 1: Create a SelectedWorks Account

  1. Go to and click on the Menu link on the top right corner.
  2. Click Sign Up (or Login if you already have an account)
  3. Complete the form and click Create Account
  4. Click the Confirm Account button in the confirmation email

STEP 2: Build Your Profile

  1. Once logged in, click on the Build your SelectedWorks prompt and choose a URL (This URL Cannot Be Changed Later!)
  2. Choose three general research disciplines
  3. Enter your institution, organization, position, and position title
  4. Check mark the box next to I agree with the Terms of Service
  5. Click Create Profile

Please see the SelectedWorks step-by-step profile creation tutorial for more detailed information

How do I add material to my SelectedWorks profile?

Quick Guide

STEP 1: Submit works to the FHSU Scholars Repository

  1. ‚ÄčEmail a copy of your CV to
  2. Work with the FHSU Scholars Repository team to identify and deposit works in the FHSU Scholars Repository
  3. See "How to Submit Faculty Works" for more information

STEP 2: Import deposited works to your SelectedWorks Profile

  1. Click add work on your SelectedWorks profile page and select import works from the dropdown menu
  2. Select your work from the list that appears and enter a display category
  3. Click import

Please see the SelectedWorks Import Works step-by-step tutorial for more detailed information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I see my SelectedWorks profile?

A. Your SelectedWorks profile is viewable in the FHSU Selected Works Author Gallery linked from the FHSU Scholars Repository.

Q. I have my SelectedWorks profile but it doesn't look like the other FHSU Profiles.

A. On the "About" page click to edit your current position. Make sure the box titled "Affiliate my profile with this institution" is checked. See number 8 on the step-by-step instructions.

Q. I know I have works in the FHSU Scholars Repository but nothing is showing up when I try to import my works.

A. Contact the FHSU Scholars Repository to ensure that your SelectedWorks email matches the email on the items in the repository.

Q. I deleted a work from my profile but I want to re-add it but it no longer shows up when I try to import my works.

A. From the "Import Works" screen click the box for "Include previously reviewed content" to see all of your items not included on your profile. See number 3 from the SelectedWorks Import Works Step-by-Step tutorial.

Q. Can I upload documents directly to my SelectedWorks profile without first submitting to the Scholars Repository?

A. No. In order to ensure that all copyright restrictions are being honored, works must first go through our analysis process to ensure that authors will not be held liable for copyright infringement. You can find out more information about authors rights on the Scholarly Communications Guide.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions?

A. Contact the FHSU Scholars Repository Team at with any questions or issues you may encounter.