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The Twentieth Century World: Getting started

This subject guide chronicles foundational literature and contains links to resources about pivotal global issues of the Twentieth Century.

How to use this guide

Welcome to the Twentieth Century World research guide. This library guide is useful to students exploring the political, intellectual, and cultural movements of the Twentieth Century as they occurred as unique events or as representative of larger, global trends. It is divided into the following sections: 

Finding articles and Online databases: These databases (searchable collections of information like articles or e-book chapters), will help you find articles related your research topics.

Finding Books & E-books: This search function will direct you towards books in the library or E-books that relate to your research topic.

Primary sourcesThese are online resources that provide information on matters related to your research topic 

Interlibrary Loan: This is a service provided to FHSU faculty, staff, and students who need access research materials that are not owned by Forsyth Library.


Additional titles potentially useful to this course (Available Through Interlibrary Loan)


To find more e-books, go to "Find Books" on the library's home page, click one of the options under Electronic Books, and search by keyword.

Best Databases

Government Documents

To find more Government Documents, search the Online Catalog and select "government documents" under Location. More information available here