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Holocaust & Genocide Studies: Getting started

Subject guide chronicling and linking to foundational literature and primary source materials examining the Shoah and other transnational genocides & ethnic cleansings in Armenia/Anatolia, Cambodia, German Southwest Africa, Rwanda, and the Balkans.

How to use this guide

Welcome to the Holocasut and Genocide Studies research guide. This guide is useful for students interested in the history of the Shoah, related Holocaust scholarship, and lesser known instances of genocide (ethnic cleansing, targeted exterminations via colonialism, etc). It is divided into the following sections: 

Finding Books & E-Books: This search function will direct you towards books in the library or E-books that relate to your research topic.

Finding articles and online databases: This page will show you various articles and other tools that will help you choose and research topics for this class. 

Primary Sources: These are online resources that provide information on matters related to your research topic 

Interlibrary loan: This is a service provided to FHSU faculty, staff, and students who need access research materials that are not owned by Forsyth Library.

Government Documents

To find more Government Documents, search the Online Catalog and select "government documents" under Location. More information available here

Print Materials Available in Forsyth Library

Most items with call numbers are available in the Government Documents Department on the upper level of the Forsyth Library.

American State Papers - print located after Z 2.4 and before the Serial Set)

Annals of Congress - (microfilm - first floor) X/Appendix

Congressional Globe - X Cong,/Sess. pt.

Congressional Record (paper and microfiche) 1873 to Date (Doc X)

Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States - DOC Z 2.4:vol

Trials of War Criminals - DOC  D 102.8:vol

US Government Documents Available Online

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