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IDS 350: Diversity in the United States, (English)

The study of America's role in the world as a multicultural democracy, with specific emphasis given to cultural diversity as embodied in the ideal notion of pluralistic identity.

Digital Books

Searching on the Library Homepage


This interactive tutorial will guide you step-by-step as you learn about the various features of the Search Everything tool on the library homepage:

  • Using Search Everything
    • Keyword searching
    • Filtering search results
      • by material type
      • by peer-review
    • Accessing the full text of an article
  • Advanced search
    • Searching for books
  • Save search results to My Account
  • Email search results
  • Citation generation tool
  • Permalink tool

Link to Tutorial:

Note: At step 3 of this tutorial, users will be instructed to reposition the browser window to continue viewing the tutorial and following along in the library catalog.