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SOC 311: Feminist Theory (Christy Craig)

This guide will walk you through the research process on how to find scholarly, sociology articles related to feminist theory. It includes the major sociology journals on women studies, citation instruction, how to read scholarly articles, and how to deve

Strategies for reading

Don’t be afraid to jump around: Scholarly articles don't have to be read like a book, paragraph by paragraph, line by line. It's ok to skim and scan! 

Read the abstract first: Previews the entire article, makes it easier to judge whether it is relevant.

Next, read the introduction and conclusion: Learn more about the topic of study and what the authors found out in the process.

Take a look at the tables, charts and graphs: Get a better idea of the results of the research or analytical study. 

Mark it up: Engage with your source! Take notes, highlight important sections. Look for what is missing as well as what is there. 

Find the source: Consult the introduction and references for other potential sources to follow up on. 

Note taking strategies

The key to writing a successful annotated bibliography is taking good notes. 

Tips to taking good notes:

  • Always start by identifying the author's thesis
  • Include page numbers of quotes, paraphrases, and whatever evidence you decide you want to use. 
  • take note of any issues with their methodology, conclusions, or arguments
  • In the note section focus on key ideas, terms, and concepts. Do not highlight everything you read.
  • When you finish reading the article, look over your notes and write a few sentences summarizing the article and how you think you can use it.
  • Look up any words you don't know.
  • Write down any questions you have about the article or lecture.