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COMM 658: Strategic Campaign Design and Analysis (Dr. Hsin-Yen Yang)

On this strategic campaign design and analysis library guide, you'll find resources to help you locate company and industry information, data and statistics, and publications meant for public, industry, and scholarly audiences.

Example Topic

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

In 2010, the BP-operated oil rig off of the Louisiana coast in the Gulf of Mexico exploded causing detrimental environmental and economic impacts that would be felt for years to come. This event happened more than 10 years ago, so it can't be used as a topic for your paper, but you can see how similar documents and sources for your company's crisis can help you analyze the crisis recovery campaign.

NOTE: Not all of the examples below are perfect. We'll use these examples for a discussion in class.


Company Information

Company Information

To find more information about the company, look for company profiles, and SWOT reports within the databases listed on the "Where to Search" page. Additionally, you could use the site: search strategy within Google to find some additional information on the company's website.

  • Business Insights: Global - Search the company name to find company history, SWOT and can help you find articles related to the company from a particular period of time. There is also a case study feature which can provide unique insight.
  • Business Source Premier - Use the "Company Profile" feature to do company research.
  • Nexis Uni - To do an extensive search of a company, click Menu > Company Dossier and search the company name to see news, information, financials, SEC filings, reports, and more.