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COMM 658: Strategic Campaign Design and Analysis (Dr. Hsin-Yen Yang)

On this strategic campaign design and analysis library guide, you'll find resources to help you locate company and industry information, data and statistics, and publications meant for public, industry, and scholarly audiences.

Business & Company Research

Finding Business & Company Information

You might want to do some background research on your selected company who had a successful crisis recovery campaign. Try searching for background information using the company profile databases and features listed below:

Newspapers and Magazines


Newspapers are an important indicator of crisis campaign success. Find articles about the crisis campaign to gather an idea of public sentiment and how the campaign and different strategies of the campaign were being received at the time.

Scholarly and Trade journal articles

Scholarly Journals, Trade Publications, and Magazines

Search scholarly journals, trade journals, and magazines using the databases below. Try keywords such as "case study", "crisis management", "brand reputation", etc. Also from a results list, you can narrow your results using the Source Type sidebar to see only "academic journals" or "trade publications", or "magazines".

Time Saving Search Tip

All 3 databases listed above share the same interface. You can search multiple at the same time if you click "Choose Databases" and select multiple databases from the list.