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HIST 675: Seminar in History - U.S. and the Holocaust (Dr. Nienkamp): Postwar: The International Military Tribunal and the Nuremberg Trials

Designed for students in HIST 675 U.S. and the Holocaust, this guide provides readers with insight into America’s response to the Third Reich’s treatment of its Jewish population, the Holocaust itself, and its aftermath by providing access to primary sour

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Electronic Journals & Newspapers

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USHMM History Unfolded: US Newspapers and the Holocaust

The USHMM has created an ongoing crowd-sourced archive containing American newspaper coverage of and reaction to key events and policies related to the Hitlerite Regime's persecution of European Jews as well as important antecedents.

Each event page contains a synopsis, creator-supplied keywords, suggested bibliography.  Indexed and full-text items are located under each event page's "VIEW ALL RESEARCH ON THIS EVENT" tab.  

The Truman Directive: Immigration and the U.S. Response to the Displaced Persons Crisis.

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