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HIST 618: German History

Online content for historical research, monographs, articles, and primary source materials related to topics in German history.

Guide Contents

Welcome to the course guide for HIST 618: German History. 

Designed for students enrolled in Dr. Nickell's German History course, this mini-website provides links to primary source collections concerning topics in German history from 1500 through the present, suggestions on how to locate monographs and other secondary sources for your historical work, as well as links to library services like InterLibrary Loan, videos, and tutorials to help you with your research. 

Guide Contents:

Forsyth Library Tutorials is the home to many helpful videos and modules, including Why Forsyth Library?, Collections Overview, Online Student Support, Using the Forsyth Library Catalog, Advanced Search Tips, and more. 

The Research Process walks through narrowing your topic, creating a research question, how to search for information resources, tips for synthesizing information and evaluating resources.

Monographs describes monographs, lists common university and academic publishers, and demonstrates how to search for e-books via Forsyth Library.

Journals/Articles explains the peer-review process and list journal databases, frequently used history journals, commentary periodicals, and how to search for peer-reviewed articles via Forsyth Library.

Primary Sources explains the difference between primary and secondary sources, primary source formats, FHSU collections, FHSU databases, online primary source collections, and further resources to find sources, including WorldCat.

Author Information walks through how to find an author's affiliation, education, and previous publications.

InterLibrary Loan explains how to request items that Forsyth Library does not have access to.

Annotated Bibliographies recommends steps for writing book and article annotations, including Historical Primary Sources and an example written by an FHSU History graduate student. 

Chicago Citation lists resources for citing with the Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS), provides quick templates to follow, and tips and tricks for using the Notes-Bibliography CMoS citation. 

Citation Management explains how to use a citation manager such as Zotero to save, organize, and share citations. 

One-on-One Help connects you with Ask a Librarian and how to get advice from a Librarian via chat, email, Zoom meeting, etc.