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Art History

This guide is for all sections of the undergraduate ART 400 series and graduate ART 800 series on Art History

Welcome. This guide is for all sections of the ART 400 and 800 series art history courses, sections taught by Erica Bittel.

Topics may include:

  • Ancient Art History
  • Medieval Art History
  • Renaissance/Baroque Art History
  • 18-19th Centuries Art History
  • 20th Century Art History
  • Art after 1945
  • Non-Western Art History

Art History Resources

Where can I browse books on Art and related topics?

Art topics can be in several places in the system. Here are some ideas for browsing, but always check the online catalog to direct you to a specific item.

For example:

  • N is the section for Fine Art
    • NA                            Architecture
    • NB                            Sculpture
    • NC                          Drawing.  Design.  Illustration
    • ND                            Painting
    • NE                             Print media
    • NK                            Decorative arts
    • NX                               Arts in general
      • NX440-632         History of the arts


E-books come in many forms at Forsyth Library.

  • Some e-books are checked out to just one person at a time, just like a physical book
  • Some e-books are checked out to multiple people at a time
  • Some e-books have a limited number of uses before they become unavailable
  • Some e-books can be used over and over again
  • Some e-books can be downloaded and read on your personal device
  • Some e-books can only be read in your browser window
  • Some e-books limit how many pages you can print or save from the book

These factors depend on how, and from whom, Forsyth Library purchased the e-book.  If you have trouble accessing an e-book, please Ask Us for help, and we will try to resolve it for you as quickly as possible.

Use Google Scholar when you need to use natural language instead of keyword searching

Use Google Scholar to find open access or items Forsyth Library doesn't have (and then use interlibrary loan to get them for free- don't pay for articles!)

Use Google Scholar to find resources by forward citation tracing- click on Cited By

Open Access Art Images

Open Access is online access to scholarly research that is free from most copyright and licensing restrictions. This means free access for anyone to read, download, copy, distribute, print, and display. 

Governmental Sites can be considered to be public information/public domain, but there may be specific restrictions to use and attribution.

Museums, Galleries, and Libraries may make their content available via public domain, creative commons license, or open access.

Public domain images have no restrictions to use, as in you may alter, change, redistribute, adapt, etc. the image for private or commercial use. No attribution is required for works in the public domain. 

Creative Commons Licenses allow for the use, reuse, revision, remixing, and redistributing of images in a variety of ways.

For more information on Open Educational Resources, see our guide, including information on media such as stock photos, icons, videos, and sounds.

Make sure to review any restrictions for use for each image and abide by any restrictions.  Cite the author of each image used.