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Introduction to the Digital Humanities: Getting started

A general purpose guide introducing users to the Digital Humanities as a discipline with links to DH projects, conferences, and literature.

How to use this guide

Welcome to the introduction to the Digital Humanities research guide. This guide is intended to introduce scholars working in the Humanities to resources that can assist them in crafting exciting digital scholarship, including tools that aid in text analysis and visualization, standards for encoding, etc. It is divided into the following sections:

Centers for digital humanities research and development 
Professional Organizations, websites, and annual DH  Conferences & Symposiums
Project funding 

What are the "Digital Humanities?"

"Digital Humanities is an interdisciplinary academic field that brings digital technology to bear on the study of the human record. Work in this area can take a variety of forms, including: digital scholarly editing; the creation of thematic research archives and resources; programmatic analysis of large-scale textual corpora; the use of geo-spatial tools and technologies to study the interaction of people and place; data mining and machine learning techniques using historical data; 3D modeling of historical buildings and artifacts; tool building and software development for humanities research; and the creation of games, interactive environments, and media systems with a humanistic focus."

-Center for Digital Research in the Humanities,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln



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Brian Gribben
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Getting Started: An introduction to Digital Humanities as a Concept