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Political Science

This general guide on Political science will help you find a variety scholarly articles, databases, scholarly journals, and government documents. It will also help you with citing sources.

Executive branch websites

White house logoThe Executive Branch includes not only the President and the White House offices directly under him but also the various agencies under the President and under each of his Cabinet officers. 

Forsyth Library's Government Documents

The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) is authorized through Title 44, United States Code, Chapter 19. The Program began in the early 1920s. The Federal Depository Library Program at Fort Hays State University began in 1926 with the establishment of the Government Documents Department at Forsyth Library.

The Department houses and maintains publications of the United States, State-foreign governments, and the United Nations. The Department also functions as the Library's reference center for government information.

The Federal collection is arranged by SuDoc classification, in which materials are grouped by the issuing agency, not by subject. The state-foreign collection is arranged alphabetically by the name of the state or foreign government. The United Nations collection is arranged by the U.N. classification system.

Government Documents Circulation Policy

Legislative branch websites

Congress buildingThe Legislative Branch is headed by the U. S. Congress, which enacts all Federal leigislation. Congress has two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Before a law is enacted it is introduced first as a bill, then debated and usually revised, and then enacted into law once it is passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the President.      

Online reference materials and statistics

Judicial branch websites

Supreme CourtThe Judicial Branch is headed by the United States Supreme Court, which interprets the laws enacted by Congress and executed by the President.

Websites by and about the U.S. Gov't