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Open Access Mini-Conference: Home

Video recordings of the 2017 Open Access Mini-Conference discussing benefits of publishing open access.

Open Access Mini-Conference 2017

In celebration of Open Access Week, Forsyth Library hosted an Open Access Mini-Conference on Friday, October 27th, 2017.

The video recordings and presentations from the mini-conference are available below:

Increase the Reach of Your Research

Open Access Basics

Presenter: Deborah Ludwig

Would you like a better understanding of open access (OA) publishing, commercial publishers, predatory publishers, and “green” or “gold” OA? Are you concerned about the quality of the journals for your research submission? Do you want to maximize the exposure of your research for greater notice and impact? This 20-minute session will introduce the basics of open access publishing as a way to get noticed and to boost the impact of your scholarship.  ‚Äč

Increase Your Impact

Metric Soup

Presenter: Claire Nickerson

After this session, attendees will be able to explain impact factors, the h-index, altmetrics, and other common measures of research impact. We'll analyze the validity of these metrics for different use cases and discuss how open access publishing can help you increase the impact of your research. You'll also learn to use free and library-licensed tools, such as SCImago, Google Scholar, and Web of Science, to trace citations and explore scholarly metrics.

Equalize Opportunities

Opportunities for Open

Presenter: Jennifer Sauer

You’ve published your work. But how can you get your work widely READ and CITED? Making it Open Access will help make it as widely visible as possible. Forsyth Library will work with you to determine the author’s rights you’ve retained to see if and when your work can be made openly and widely available on the FHSU Scholars Repository. The repository provides a showcase to make your work discoverable locally, nationally, and internationally; and with a bonus service, Selected Works, you can build a powerful, networked Web profile that helps other scholars find you.


Share Your Work

Faculty Panel

Presenters: Mr. Mark Eberle, Dr. James Austin, Dr. Eric Lueschner

The faculty panel will share their experience publishing open access including reasons why they have elected to make their content openly available and realized author outcomes.

Dr. James Austin, Assistant Professor in English, recently authored a chapter that appears in the open access monograph, Emerging Writing Research from the Middle East-North Africa Region, published by the WAC Clearinghouse and University Press of Colorado. A copy of his chapter also appears in the FHSU Scholar's Repository. 

Dr. Eric Leuschner is co-editor of an open access journal, Teacher Scholar: the Journal of the State Comprehensive University. This journal uses the FHSU Scholars Repository as its publishing platform. 

Mr. Mark Eberle is the author of a book called "Kansas Baseball 1858-1941" that was published and made available for purchase by the University Press of Kansas. Eberle created a supplemental monograph titled "Eisenhower, Wilson, and Professional Baseball in Kansas" that is openly available from the FHSU Scholars Repository.