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INF 240: Digital News Reporting (Loggins)

How to Use This Guide

This guide is for journalism classes in the Informatics department. It has the following tabs:

Hays Happenings: Links to community organizations, local government, and news from FHSU, Hays, and Ellis County

Finding News: Links to the library's main news databases as well as major U.S and international newspapers and news networks.

Finding Data: Links to the library's statistical databases and public data sources.

Evaluation and Citation: Guides to evaluating and citing sources.

Fact-checking: Instructions for evaluating the accuracy of information written by others

FHSU Faculty/Staff: Links to FHSU faculty and staff lists by department, to assist you in finding experts to interview

Get Help: Contact information for the library.

Newspapers and Magazines FHSU Students have access to