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COMM 602: Intercultural Communication (Dr. Hsin-Yen Yang)

Designed for students in COMM602, this guide walks you through the steps to completing your cultural controversy report including where to search, how to search, evaluating sources, citing sources, and finding help.

Getting Started

Welcome to the Forsyth Library Intercultural Communication guide. This guide will introduce you to a variety of resources to enhance your class experience. On this guide, you'll find information on essential intercultural concepts and competencies, databases for finding scholarly articles, newspapers and magazines from around the world, top academic journals in the field of intercultural study, and comprehensive profiles on a variety of countries and cultures.. 

If you have any questions about the resources you find here, or need any assistance with research in this class, be sure to Ask a Librarian! 


Get started with a quick search of the catalog and multiple databases.

Learn How to Use the Catalog

This interactive tutorial will walk you through the basic features of the Library Catalog.

Search for magazine, newspaper, and scholarly journal articles.
Search Digital Archives to find digitized photos, FHSU theses, yearbooks, and more.
Search Books & More to find books & e-books, print & e-journals, DVDs, CDs, government documents, & more.

Where to Look For ...

Background Information

You might want to do some background research on your topic or browse for topic ideas to use for your paper. These databases might also help you present different positions and arguments of the issue to help you remain neutral. Start searching for background information using the databases listed below:

Search for Scholarly Journals

The following databases primarily search academic journals in the fields of communication and social sciences. Within these databases, you'll likely find peer-reviewed articles about your topic:

Find Newspaper and Magazine Articles

The following databases primarily search newspapers and magazines. Within these databases, you'll likely find popular articles about your topic and news and current events around your topic:

Intercultural Communication Journals

Scholarly Journals

The following scholarly journals specialize in intercultural communication and may be a place to browse for topics or explore if and how your topic is represented within these publications:

Guides and Handbooks about Intercultural Dialogue

Guides, Handbooks and Framework around Intercultural Dialogue

UNESCO and the Peace Corps provide several resources to promote intercultural dialogue and understand our intercultural and multicultural world: