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Faculty Guide to Forsyth Library

A guide to Forsyth Library materials and services for on-campus faculty at Fort Hays State University

Library Instruction

Library Instruction

Forsyth Library collaborates with faculty and staff to teach information literacy, research skills, and lifelong learning skills that students can transfer to other courses and apply beyond the university. Instruction can be provided synchronously or asynchronously, in-person or online. Learn more about library instruction.

Request Library Instruction


Collaborate with your Library Liaison

Reach out to your Library Liaison to:

  1. Collaborate with your Library Liaison on your research assignment and/or rubric design
  2. Discuss options and ideas for modifying or creating new subject and course guides, tutorials, learning objects, or Bb content to fit your needs.
  3. Schedule library instruction

Types of Library Learning Objects

Types of Library Learning Objects

  1. Subject & Course Guides

    These are miniature websites that are designed to guide research. They are path finders to help you and your students find the best resources for a topic. Instead of getting lost in thousands of items or hundreds of possible databases to search in, subject and course guides provide a map to a few best bets for a subject, class, and even an assignment. View the full list of subject and course guides and/or search for keywords using the search box in the upper left.

  2. Tutorials
    These videos, guides, and interactive tutorials are designed to help students learn about Forsyth Library, how to use Forsyth Library's resources and services, and tips for research, writing, and citing. Tutorials can be used individually or as playlists (SCORM). View the full list of tutorials and options for integrating them into Bb.

  3. APA Citation Games
    Learning a citation style takes practice. Two citation games have been developed to allow students a space to practice and receive feedback on how to properly cite in APA Style:
  1. Content for Bb Modules
    Librarians can collaborate with you to develop content within Bb about information literacy concepts, including Bb quizzes, discussion board questions, and more. Contact your library liaison to discuss options.

Bb Integration of Library Learning Objects

Options for Integrating Library Learning Objects into Bb

  1. Add a link to a relevant subject or course guide in Bb as you introduce a new research-based assignment to your students.
  2. Post an Announcement in Bb encouraging students to visit a specific subject or course guide for ideas and direction during the research process (ex. direct students to the "Defining Your Topic" tutorial the week you have them submit paper topics to you to approve)
  3. Embed a library tutorial video or tutorial playlist into Bb (see embedding options at the bottom of the tutorials guide)
  4. Work with your liaison librarian to develop a module or module content specifically for your Bb course.