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CRJ 310: Comparative Justice Systems (Ziwei Qi)

This Criminal Justice guide provides a list of possible databases and websites regarding international and global legal practices. It also includes information on APA citation, and searching tutorials.

Background Information

These databases and websites will help you find basic information about your country, including cultural norms, holidays, government structures, education, and so on. 

Legal Information

The databases will help you find the exact legal codes, law reviews, and some scholarly articles for your countries in question. Keep in mind, that all the countries may not be represented or only have documents in their native language. Additionally, unless you are planning on going to law school, try to avoid the actual legal codes and case law and instead focus on law review and news. 

Scholarly Information

These are the databases you will want to use to answer the "why" portion of your assignment. You will find scholarly articles that discuss the history of specific issues and the legal codes within the context of their societies and culture.