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COMM 128: Media and Society (Dr. Hsin-Yen Yang)

This guide will provide you with information on how to complete your assignment for COMM 128: media in Society. It includes information on newspapers and magazines, scholarly journal articles, and APA style citation

Publications from around the world

Specialized publications and historical documents

Magazines in the Age of Specialization

Forsyth Library


Rise of General Interest Magazines:


Saturday Evening Post (AP 2 .S2)

                Print:  1907-1969; 1995-

                Microfilm ( 051 S254):  1959-1969; 1984-1995

Life (Basement Oversized   AP 2 .L547)

                Print:    1936-1972;

                Microfilm (051  L722a):  1984-2000 (basement)

Look (Basement Oversized  AP 2 .L79)

                Print:    1947 (scattered issues - Oct. 1971

Time (AP 2 .T37)

                Print:  1925-1980 (basement); now retains 5 years (Periodicals Main floor)

                Microfilm: (O51 T583):  1985-present

Newsweek (AP 2 .N6772)

                Print:    1936-1984

                                now retains current 5 years (Periodicals Main floor)

                Microfilm: (051 N558):  1985- 

Ladies Home Journal  (AP 2 .L135)

                Print:  1893-1993 (Basement Oversize)

New Republic (AP 2 .N624)

                Print: 1916-1993 (basement oversize)

                           1994- (Periodicals Main floor)

New Yorker  (AP 2 .N6763)

                Print:  1940-1993 (basement oversize)

                            1994-   (Periodicals Main floor)

Living Age  (AP 2 .L65)

                Print:  1887-1925 (basement compact shelving)

McClure’s magazine  (AP 2 .M2)

                Print:  1894-1925 (basement compact shelving)

Harper’s: (AP 2 .H3)

                Print:  1852-1993 (basement compact shelving)

                            1994-   (Periodicals  Main floor)

                                (has changed names from Harpers, to Harpers Monthly, to Harpers)


Fall of General Interest Magazines


People (weekly)  (051 .P419)

Microfilm:  1984-1994


Domination of Specialization


Redbook  (AP 2 .R28)

                Print:  Retains 5 years

Sports Illustrated (GV 561 .S733)

                Print:  Retains 5 years

                Microfilm (796.05 S):  1984-2008

Ebony  (AP 2 .E165)

                Print:  1993-present



Hays Public Library (Main St. between 12th and 13th)

You will need to take your FHSU ID with you so that you can obtain a Hays Public Library card


Rise of General Interest Magazines:


Reader’s Digest (Main floor)

People Weekly  (Main floor)