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Chemistry: Citation Management

This is a guide to resources when doing Chemistry research. It provides tutorials for Reaxys, links to other chemistry databases and resources, and ACS citation information.


Zotero Citation Management Software

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Software called citation managers can help you save, organize, and share research and citations.

A citation manager allows you to:

  • Import and export files
  • Import citation information like author, date, format, and title
  • Organize personal research libraries
  • Share resources with classmates and colleagues

Once you import a citation, you can:

  • Link to the original article
  • Save and take notes on resources, including annotating PDFs
  • Organize your sources using tags or folders
  • Create citations and bibliographies automatically

There are several brands of citation managers like Mendeley, EndNote, and RefWorks. Forsyth Library supports the free, open-source, citation manager called Zotero

Getting Started with Zotero

Getting Started

Step 1: Install Zotero

You will need to download and install 2 pieces for Zotero to work correctly. Use the link above to download the following:

  • Zotero Standalone software application (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Zotero Connector for your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge)
  • (Optional)
    • Microsoft Word Plugin should be downloaded and installed automatically, but you can install it manually if necessary.
    • ZotFile is a free plugin that allows you to rename .pdf's saved through Zotero using the information in your citation. This allows you to keep better track of your downloaded files.
    • Zotero Bookmarklet allows you to save items to your Zotero library from a mobile device or a desktop browser that does not have Zotero Connector installed.
    • Other plugins are available to add more features and functionality since Zotero is open source

Step 2: Create a Zotero Account

Create a Zotero account in order to sync your Zotero library between multiple computers

Step 3: Use Zotero

View the video links and instructions below to familiarize yourself with Zotero and its features

Zotero + ACS

Zotero's Microsoft Word plugin does export citations and reference lists in the American Chemical Society (ACS) citation style. As with ALL citation generation tools, double check the formatting and citations once they've been generated into your document. If you do not see ACS listed automatically in the Citation Style options, Download ACS for Zotero (CSL citation style file).


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