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CHEM 360: Biochemistry (Bencze)

This guide was designed for students in CHEM 360. It includes research tips and resources for doing background research and finding primary literature for diseases, proteins, and genes. Also included are tips for searching, writing and editing, and citing

Start Your Research

Suggested Research Steps

This is a multi-faceted research project that requires a few different steps. Visit each step below for tips on where to look and what to consider.

Find a topic that's interesting to you and that fits the assignment requirements, start with:

STEP 1: Identify Topic

After you've identified a topic, move on to:

STEP 2: Background Research

Once you've got a good grasp on your topic, you might be ready for:

STEP 3: Proteins & Genes

Continue to fill in the gaps of your research by using other databases for:

STEP 4: Scholarly Literature

Example Case Study

Example Case Study

This prion case study is an example of how the different pieces of information about a medical condition come together to create a story. The project that you and your group will write may not be as extensive (you don't need to find information on specific experiments) but in addition to the protein and DNA sequence, your final project should have diagrams and summary tables to help your readers better understand the medical condition you are describing.