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HIST 647: The Rise of Modern America, 1877-1919 (Dr. Nienkamp): Getting started

Designed for students in HIST 647, this guide contains links to primary source materials organized by topic during 1877-1919 including: agriculture; foreign policy and imperialism; gender, social and moral movements; immigration; industry and labor; liter

How to use this guide

Welcome to the library guide created for HIST 647: The Rise of Modern American, 1877-1919. This guide provides readers insight into the modernization of America marked by the rise of corporations, urbanization, immigration, and imperialism by providing access to primary source materials.  These include contemporary periodicals, newspaper collections, diaries, and government documents.  The guide is organized thematically based on the following topics: 


Foreign Policy & Imperialism

Gender, Social, & Moral Movements (temperance, suffrage, ect)


Industry and Labor

Literature & the Arts



Science & Technology

The Redemptionist South & Jim Crow


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