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HIST 631: History of Kansas (Dr. Nienkamp): Getting started

Designed for students in HIST 631, this guide is organized thematically to provide suggestions to resources relating to the following topics of Kansas History: Bleeding Kansas 1854-1861; Statehood and Civil War Period 1861-1865; Reconstruction 1865-1877;

How to use this guide

Welcome to the History of Kansas Library guide. This guide provides readers with links to primary sources documenting pivotal events and significant movements in the state’s history from its territorial period through the postwar era.  These resources contain contemporary periodicals, newspaper collections, private correspondence, and government documents.  The guide is organized chronologically by the following periods: 

Bleeding Kansas: 1854 -1861

Statehood & the Civil War Period: 1861-1865

Reconstruction: 1865-1877

Radical Kansas: 1877-1896

Progressive Era: 1897-1920

Boom & Bust: 1920-1945

The Postwar Era: 1945-Present

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