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Faculty Guide to Forsyth Library: Library Instruction

A guide to Forsyth Library materials and services for on-campus faculty at Fort Hays State University


  Forsyth Library collaborates with educators to teach information literacy, research skills, and lifelong learning skills that students can transfer to other courses and apply beyond the University. These services are available to faculty, staff and students of Fort Hays State University, and to schools in the surrounding area.

Book Instruction

Types of Instruction

Forsyth Librarians can create and tailor their instructor specifically to your topic, class, and even your assignments.specifaically to your topic, class, and even your assignments.

Topics could include:

Search Strategy

Students will be able to choose, narrow, and broaden a research topic.  They will be able to identify keywords and phrases to use when researching a topic.

 General Research Sources

Students will be able to search and locate Forsyth Library items, both in print using a call number, and online, using the online catalog.  

 Databases: What they are and where to find them 

Students will be able to define databases and scholarly articles. They will be able to identify paths to find articles and databases through Forsyth Library.

Available as an online module- this is excellent to use in a “flipped” setting before students attend a Library instruction session.

rating reports by Dinosoft Labs from the Noun Project Sources and Websites Evaluation

Students will be able to analyze sources for their purpose, credibility, accuracy, authority, and relevance to their research topic. 

Book by Iconic from the Noun Project Types of Information Sources 

Students will be able to compare and contrast journals, popular magazines, and other information sources such as blogs, ads, and reference works.

 Interlibrary Loan

Students will be able to create an account and log into ILL, request an article, and learn how to access articles received.

 Cite Sources

Students will be able to identify when to cite information using APA or MLA.  They will be able to create a reference and in-text citation for a source.

 Advanced Strategies

Students will be able to search specialized resources for the field or specific research assignment. 

Tips for a Successful Session

  • Schedule Library instruction sessions at least one week in advance. Learning Commons instruction sessions need to be booked at least two weeks in advance.
  • Attend the session with your students and engage in the instruction.  
  • Students tend to engage with library instruction content most when it is directly relevant to an assignment they are working on at the time. We suggest that you:
    • Tie sessions to an assignment in your class.
    • Schedule sessions at the point of need.
    • Schedule multiple sessions as needed to follow the progression of your assignments.
  • Send the instructing Librarian your assignment and syllabus so we can customize our instruction.


Not sure how we can help? Contact your Library Liaison and we can plan the best instruction for your students!

For more information

For more information, ideas, and collaboration between faculty and Forsyth Library contact:

Robyn Hartman
Forsyth Library, Room 212
(785) 628-4340