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PSY 201: Science of Psychology

Advanced Search in PsycInfo

Sample research question: Does positive psychology work?

Database selected:  PsycInfo (see the Finding Articles page of this guide for additional database choices and how to search multiple databases at once).
Pull out the most important concepts in your research question (key words or phrases):  "Positive Psychology" and Work (since the word work can mean many things, a term like effectiveness is preferable).  Put quotation marks around 2 or 3 word phrases to ensure they searched as one concept.
You can use the second box on each line to select where you'd like your search term to appear, such as in the title. Leave it at "select a field" for the broadest search; it searches everywhere for your term.
Use AND to indicate you want terms in both boxes to show up in your results. You can use synonyms connected by OR to capture as many hits as possible.  The * symbol stands in for letters, so effective* will pull up effective or effectiveness.
For "con" articles, you could change the words in the second box to ineffective OR "not significant' or "null hypothesis", etc.