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This guide provides information on finding and using biology related resources.

Where can I find resources related to my major in the Biological Sciences?

This page will help connect you to biology related resources available through Forsyth Library. 

Search the catalog using the search box or click on the tabs below to see the different types of resources available. Hover your mouse over the undefined for a description of the resource.

Get started with a quick search of the catalog and multiple databases.
Search for magazine, newspaper, and scholarly journal articles.
Search Digital Archives to find digitized photos, FHSU theses, yearbooks, and more.
Search Books & More to find books & e-books, print & e-journals, DVDs, CDs, government documents, & more.

Where can I find relevant resources?

General Life Sciences Data

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Data

Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry Data

Plant Data

Can't I just Google it?

This video will help you understand why you should be searching for scholarly sources at Forsyth Library instead of out in the wild.

What is a database anyway?

This video will help you understand what a library database is and how it is different than a search engine you find on the internet.