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Accessibility Resources and Services

Forsyth Library is dedicated to providing inclusive and accessible service to all library users

Browser Plugins

Library computers allow you to install accessibility plugins for available browsers, including Google Chrome and Firefox. Please note though that these installs are only available for that user session, so you would have to install the plugins each time you login.

Font Size

To increase the font size on your internet window, hold down the “Ctrl” keyboard button and use the mouse scroll up or down to increase or decrease font size. Or, follow browser-specific instructions for Google ChromeSafariMicrosoft Edge or Firefox.

Scanners and Printers

Scan documents for free using a TigerPrint Station, or a KIC Scanner.

KIC Scanners are a digitized-on-demand system for books, magazines, and journals for instant access on tablets, notebooks, smart devices, and easy transfer to desktop PCs and servers. Images can be saved to KIC’s flash drive port or sent directly to any email address.

The KIC Scanners are wheelchair-accessible and are located on the Main and Upper Levels of Forsyth Library.