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Special Education:Getting Started

This guide will assist students in special education courses locate resources for their research

Getting Started

This guide is designed to give you a selection of resources if you are just beginning to do research in the field of education.  It covers general educational theory and practice, elementary and secondary education, curriculum and instruction, and guidance for documenting the resources you use. You may wish to visit other guides in the 'education' group if your topic is more specialized such as ESL or special education.

Use the tabs above to explore what is in this guide.

o  Getting started--where you are now.

o  Search strategy and tips--guidance for defining your question and planning a search strategy for using library databases

o  Finding books--search for print or electronic books, or media, that is located in a library or online

o  Reference sources--recommended encyclopedias and research handbooks; these are good for a summary of research on a topic

o  Finding articles--the best places to start if you are looking for journal articles

o  In the news--places to start looking when you need newspaper articles or media segments

o  Statistics--if you need a statistic to enhance your paper, you will find good sources here

o  Websites--use these to supplement your library research

o  Citing sources--help for completing the bibliography for your paper/project.

Finally, and most importantly, do not be shy about asking for help.  My contact information (Lynn Haggard) is listed on the Home tab as well as the Help tab. I also do appointments for people who need more in-depth assistance or tutoring.  You can also call the reference desk at Forsyth Library (785-628-5283 OR 1-800-628-FHSU, ext. 5283) All the librarians can help you get started, or answer questions at any stage of the process.


(Taken from a guide at University of St. Thomas Library written by Donna Nix

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Library of Congress Classifications for Special Education

Library of Congress Classification
LC3950-LC3990.4 Special Education
LC4704-LC4706 Learning Disabilities
LC4001-LC4700.4 Children with Disabilities-Education
LC3991-LC4000 Gifted Children-Education
LC4717-LC4719 Autistic Children-Education
LLC1200-LC1203 Inclusive Education
RJ506.H9 Attention-Deficit-Disordered Children
LB1050.5  Remedial Teaching
RC569.7-RC571 Mental Retardation-Developmental Disabilities
LB3454 Speech Therapy for Children-Education
GV445 Physical Education for People with Disabilities