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Information Literacy Resources

Guide for faculty

FHSU CORE Objectives and Outcomes

Objective 1.4: Information Literacy

Students will effectively and responsibly gather, evaluate, and use information for scholarship and problem-solving.

Outcomes 1.4: Information Literacy By graduation, students will …

1. Design a research plan that:

     a. Incorporates a clear research question;

     b. Identifies appropriate information resources;

2. Produce a research log that clearly demonstrates the application of appropriate keyword search criteria, such as Boolean operators, source types, and filters;

3. Write an annotated bibliography that:

     a. Critically analyzes the context, relevance, and authority of an information source, particularly in light of new perspectives, additional voices, and changes in schools of thought;

     b. Applies appropriate disciplinary conventions of citation

Note: in the context of information literacy for undergraduate students and the FHSU CORE research means secondary research, NOT original/experimental research.