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Art History

This guide is for all sections of the undergraduate ART 400 series and graduate ART 800 series Art History sections taught by Erica Bittel, It provides an overview of the research process, how to find information in the library, citation, and suggested r

Non-Western Focus



  • Medieval, Middle Ages
  • Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Celts, Celtic
  • England, Britain,  Briton, British Isles, Roman Britain, Brittania, Brittanic
  • Anglo-Saxon
  • Gaul, France
  • Northern Europe, Germanic, Scandinavia, Nordic, Viking
  • Southern Europe, Mediterranean, Italy, France, Spain, Greece
  • Ottoman Empire, Middle East, Northern Africa
  • Byzantine
  • Romanesque
  • Gothic
  • Islamic, Muslim
  • Christianity, Roman Catholic, Latin, Eastern Orthodox
  • Figure, figure painting, figure drawing, portraiture
  • Illuminated Books, Illuminated Manuscripts

Renaissance to Baroque

18-19th Century

Art after 1945