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BIOL 805: Professional Scientific Communication (Ambardar)

This guide is specific to students taking BIOL805: Professional Scientific Communication taught by Medhavi Ambardar.

How is graduate level library research different?

As an undergraduate, you likely engaged with library resources on a basic level. You did strategic searches to find information that supported your project. As a graduate student you will be going deeper. You will need to engaged with sources on a granular level. To do this you will need to learn how find resources through citation tracing and other advanced research techniques. Additionally, as a graduate student, the number of sources you engage with will grow. In order to keep track of all those sources you will need to have strategies in place to organize your sources so you don't waste valuable time searching for sources you've already identified.

Citation Managers and Citation Tracing

This video provides a basic introduction to citation managers and citation tracing. You can find out more by navigating to the other pages in this guide.