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General Collection Review Project: What is the Purpose of the Review?

A guide to the Fall 2023 General Collection Review Project

What is the Purpose of the Review?

In preparation for the upcoming library renovation, we are reviewing the library's general collection to identify titles to be removed that may no longer be needed in print form.

In library jargon, this process is called deselection. Deselection is a vital component of the library materials selection and management process. The slang term weeding may refer to this process, as it is often compared to weeding a garden so that the remaining plants can thrive and grow. 

Following American Library Association guidelines, collection maintenance is driven by library faculty and staff and ensures that the collection aligns with Forsyth Library's and FHSU's mission, goals, and curricula needs. When evaluating print materials, librarians consider the item's accuracy, currency, usage, diversity, and any subject area gaps in the collection, as well as any space limitations, the item's edition, format, and physical condition, and the number of copies available at the library, or in other library collections.

This project focuses on reviewing the print materials in Forsyth's General Collection before the building renovation that will begin in 2024. This review will help reduce the footprint of the General Collection, which will ease the process of moving and accessing these materials during the renovation and provide additional floor space for other library services, such as student study rooms, once the renovation is complete.