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BIOL 651: Mammalogy (Patrick)

This guide is for Biology 651 - Mammalogy taught by Lorelei Patrick.

Journal of Mammalogy Citation Style

You have been asked to use the Journal of Mammalogy or JMamm citation style. This citation style is specific to the Journal of Mammalogy. You can find more information on the Journal of Mammalogy citation style here.

Basic Example

color-coded citation example

Journals, Magazines, and Newspaper Articles

Turner, M.E. 2020. Title of article. Title of Publication 1:1-10.


Turner, M.E. 2020. Title of Book. Publisher. City, State.

Web page or other piece of online content

Turner, M.E. 2020. Title of page. Accessed 12 August 2020.

Do I need a URL?

The Journal of Mammalogy only lists URLs for websites.

What about works with multiple authors?

The first author is listed as Author, A.A. Subsequent authors in a reference are listed as B.B. Author, and C.C. Author. The Journal of Mammalogy lists up to six authors. If there are more than six add after the sixth author's name.

How do I format my reference list?

The reference list should be titled "Literature Cited" with references presented alphabetically by author.