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All collections within Forsyth Library are under an ongoing review.  Items being considered for withdrawal from our collections will be posted under the relevant collection tab (e.g. General; Government Documents; Print Periodicals).  Staff and faculty will be given time to review the lists and inform library staff of items they believe Forsyth Library should retain. Because different collections may employ different criteria for removing resources, please refer to each collection tab for specific information, reports and procedures.

Help Us Improve

Forsyth Library needs your help to identify materials that no longer fit within the current educational and research needs of FHSU Students & Faculty.

Read on to find out about the goals of collection management and how you can assist us in keeping the collections relevant to the needs of the FHSU community.

Rationale and Process

Why is collection analysis and deselection (a.k.a. weeding) important?

Forsyth Library's goal is to provide a balanced, relevant, and accessible collection of materials across multiple formats which support the educational and research needs of FHSU Students and Faculty. Outdated and physically-worn books can stand as physical and intellectual barriers to students trying to access information. Providing students with books that contain outdated and no longer relevant information may also become a detriment to their education.

 How do we decide what to keep and what to "weed"?

Forsyth Library staff have identified materials to be removed from the collection using carefully selected criteria:

  • Is the material still relevant to FHSU curriculum? Does the material add value to the library collection?
  • Does the material show low or no usage over a period of six (6) years?
  • Does a later/more current edition of the material exist?
  • Is the material in poor physical condition? (replacement will be considered based upon selection criteria)

Please refer to each collection tab for the complete process being applied to collections within Forsyth Library, and for the lists of resources under review.

What Drives Collection Development/Management?

Collection Development/Management at Forsyth Library

Goals and Objectives

  • To acquire and make available materials needed for all major instructional programs of the University;
  • To acquire and make available materials required by students and faculty in their research;
  • To acquire and make available library materials of general information in subject areas not covered by instructional and research programs;
  • To acquire and preserve important materials relating to the history and development of the University; and
  • To acquire and preserve materials regarding the various collections in Special Collections as well as the Ethnic Room

Selection Criteria - chief factors considered in selecting library materials:

  • Relevance of the subject matter to the curriculum
  • Appropriateness for meeting the curriculum-related research needs of faculty
  • Quality of scholarship or literary merit as determined by bibliographic aids and review sources
  • Accuracy of information and data
  • Timeliness or permanence of the material
  • Availability of other library materials on the subject
  • Language
  • Cost. Decisions regarding expensive purchases are made considering current and anticipated needs and the availability of funds. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis
  • Format (accessibility of the information)
  • Importance of material (a classic, standard, or essential work to the collection)
  • Duplication - A single copy of a title is sufficient; however, when demand or class size is great, a second copy may be purchased and placed on reserve.
  • Replacements - Worn, damaged, or lost materials may be replaced.

Contact Information

General Collection

Rachel Newbury, Acquisitions & Metadata Librarian


Government Documents Collection

Masyn Phoenix, Open Education Librarian


Print Periodicals Collection-Currently Subscribed Titles

Jennifer Sauer, Electronic Resources Librarian